Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Skipper Qualifications for Downtown Sailing

To demonstrate your qualifications as a skipper at the Downtown Sailing Center, you must demonstrate your ability to:

  • Effectively and appropriately wear a life jacket.
    • Buckled and/or zipped and secured
    • No twists in the shoulders
    • Cinched snugly
    • Straps tucked away
  • Dress appropriately for the conditions
    • Close toed shoes
    • Clothes appropriate for the conditions
  • Exercise safety on the docks
  • Board and disembark from a boat properly and courteously
    • DSC courtesy is to announce “Stepping on” and “Stepping off” for embarking/disembarking onto/off the vessel
    • Always a good habit to pass gear aboard to crew already aboard
    • Always a good habit to ask for “permission to come aboard”
  • Check the safety of the vessel
  • Orient the boat “bow into the wind”
    • Demonstrate effective and appropriate cleat hitch
  • Hoist sail(s) appropriately with appropriate use of control lines for departure
    • Skipper must demonstrate ability to feed the mainsail into the luff slot
  • Depart safely from docks
  • Sail points of sail and to tack and jibe (gybe) appropriately and effectively.
    • Recognize wind speed and direction changes when sailing on prescribed points of sail and adjust appropriately
    • When tacking
      • Tacking from close hauled to close hauled, through no more than 100 degrees
      • Tacking facing forward, passing tiller behind back
      • Changing sides after boom has crossed the centerline of the vessel
    • When jibing
      • Bearing away to a broad reach before initiating jibe
      • Executing keelboat style jibe, with the skipper changing sides before initiating jibe
      • Bringing the main into the centerline of the boat through the mainsheet purchase system
      • Jibing from broad reach to broad reach
      • Dumping the main to avoid broaching or rounding up
  • Rescue a person who falls overboard using the Quick Stop Method. If Quick Stop is not known, Figure-8 Rescue may be used but must be executed effectively 1st time.
    • Quick stop will be demonstrated to candidates who have not experienced Quick Stop rescue but sailors should study in advance!
  • Issue appropriate crew commands
  • Ensure comfort of crew on the vessel
  • Dock appropriately
    • Communicate and set up for docking plan
    • Approach dock with minimum control speed
    • Approach dock with only one sail up
    • Lower jib with bow into the wind
    • Lower mainsail with bow into the wind
    • Use sails to sail near the slip but make sure sails are down when vessel is docked in the slip
    • Secure vessel appropriately
  • Derig vessel appropriately and in a seamanlike manner

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